Condesa is an extension of a global network of origin-integrated companies backed by the ECOM Coffee Group. Through this network, green coffee is sourced directly from farmers by dedicated teams operating in over 22 countries worldwide. Our origin presence allows ECOM to offer farmers pre-crop financing, agronomy training, logistical support, processing, milling and access to a global marketplace. Through Condesa roasters can enjoy direct access to our origin partners, allowing them to build relationships and strengthen their connection with producers at the source.

We have the ability to source all qualities of coffee, from commercial to super speciality. Our team travels to every nation that we purchase from, sourcing only the best quality lots and strengthening relationships with producers and exporters. Our origin partners can provide flexibility in container and bag sizes and types to best suit your requirements.

Some of our origin partners include:

  • Finca Volcan Azul – Costa Rica
  • Carmo – Brazil
  • Bourbon Speciality – Brazil
  • Capricornio – Brazil
  • Condor Speciality – Colombia
  • Azahar – Colombia
  • Dormans – Kenya
  • Monpi – Papua New Guinea