Condesa is committed to affecting real and tangible change in the coffee industry through its championing of sustainable practices and certification programs. The ECOM coffee group has lead the market over the past 20 years in its sustainability initiatives at a farm level by providing pre-crop finance, technical assistance in the areas of agronomy and quality control in post-harvest processing through to assistance in marketing and connecting coffee from the farm gate to the roaster.

We have engaged with several certification partners in this process, including Fairtrade, Organic, UTZ Certified, Rainforest Alliance and 4C. We also stock coffee from ECOMs internal Sustainable Management Services (SMS) program.

As part of our continual investment in the supply chain, Condesa is a ‘Checkoff Program’ supplier for World Coffee Research. The ECOM group is a research partner and permanent board member with WCR, and our lab in Costa Rica is a benchmarking lab running seedling programs for pilot projects throughout Central America.