Introducing Condesa’s brand new sample roasters

At Condesa Co.Lab, we introduced three new ROEST sample roasters in May 2021. These have been hand-built in Norway, and boast many qualities that improve workflow in our coffee lab.

They are electrically powered, making them quieter than other sample roasters, which creates a more comfortable lab environment.

These machines also combine the benefits of a drum and fluid bed roaster in one device. They allow the user to take full control of temperature, power, airflow, drum RPM (revolutions per minute), charge temperature, development time, crack rate, and more, making precise adjustments during the roast. In addition, the entire unit is light – clocking in at just 14kg – and is compatible with a range of existing smart tech.

These digital sample roasters also offer the option to fully automate your roast. In this case, the only manual step is dropping the dose, which enables staff to work on other lab tasks while the coffee is roasting.

The dose size for these ROEST sample roasters starts at 50g, with an upper range of 120g. The machine also has built-in first crack detection, using a microphone in the roaster itself.

Because ROEST sample roasters have Wi-Fi connectivity, all roast profiles can be saved in a library that can be easily exported to other units. Once you find the optimal roast profile, it can then be replicated without a hitch.

However, you don’t necessarily want to use the same roast profile for all your sample roasting. Remember that green coffee is a product with plenty of variety. This means that coffees from different regions and origins will require a different approach.