The Solidario Project

More recently, OCL has outlined a mission to help smallholder farmers through its Solidario Project.

This programme is based on a holistic developmental model that aims to support farmers through economic and agricultural modelling. This is designed to improve cup quality while also making coffee farming a consistently profitable practice for the next generation of farmers.

Jaén is the largest city in the area, where many co-ops and traders are located. It is a city of about 90,000 people. In spite of this, however, many producers in the area still require better market access.

For two years, OCL has worked with many of these farmers to provide more information on how to train harvest workers and finance their farms. Beyond that, they have also independently sold a variety of coffees to local markets, as well as working with OCL to provide high-quality, high-scoring beans for blending as demand increases in this area.

Over 200 growers from the region are organised into 17 comités, or committees, which then provide other farmers with the tools they need to address any issues they might face.

OCL’s mission is to invest in ethically-produced Peruvian coffee and improve transparency across the coffee supply chain. The OCL team’s values align with ours at Condesa, and as such, we have partnered with them to source some amazing coffees..

At present, we have two coffees from OCL on offer. The first is a washed single origin, grown at 1880 m.a.s.l. with a cup score of 85.75. It has notes of apricot, nougat, and pear, with nuttiness and brown sugar sweetness. Alongside that, we are also offering an 86-point blend of washed coffees, which has notes of apple, apricot, and dark chocolate.

Don’t miss out, and check them out today, as they’re only available while our stocks last.