Who We Are

Our Purpose (Mission)

Enhancing the quality of lives by ensuring great coffee is accessible to everyone.

We will achieve this by:

  • Investing to create sustainable communities
  • Evolving supply chains to meet emerging needs
  • Support agricultural innovation

What is Co.Lab?

Co-lab is the specialty branch of Condesa. We focus on sourcing fully traceable lots scoring over 84 points. Our unrivalled network of partners at origin and flexibility in procurement strategy make us the most integrated speciality importer in Australia.

Co-lab works closely with our contacts on the ground at origin to meticulously source only the highest scoring and most exclusive lots. We travel to every origin that we work with on an annual basis, strengthening our ties with producers and partners and searching out standout coffees. Through these relationships we have access to top end blenders and microlots from most producing origins. On request we can utilise this network to source ultra-specialty nano lots and designer coffees scoring 90+.

The flexibility in our network allows roasters to engage in the way that best fits their business model. We offer everything from spot and forward purchasing to providing logistical support for roasters sourcing their own coffee. Our trade team can manage your financial exposure and cash flow, allowing you to plan your procurement months or years in advance.

Quality Management

Condesa has a dedicated QC quality management team that assures the physical and sensorial quality of every coffee that we purchase. Our QC team has combined over 30 years experience in all aspects of the industry, from procurement and quality management at origin to commercial roasting and front-of-house brewing. We meticulously grade, roast and cup each and every coffee multiple times before making purchasing decisions.

This process is repeated before any coffee is shipped, once it arrives, and periodically during storage in one of our warehouses, allowing us to track any changes over time. We work closely with our origin partners on qualitative analysis and pilot projects, which gives us unparalleled access to new cutting edge coffees of the highest quality. We also work closely with roasters on blend development, roast profiles and green inventory management strategies.

Risk Management

Condesa recognises that risk management is a critical aspect of any coffee business in the supply chain. There are many factors that determine the price of coffee at any one time, including differentials, foreign exchange rates, futures markets and the physical supply and demand fundamentals underpinning coffee exports from each country. With our expertise in trading and risk management we are able to offer technical support and advise on how to best manage these factors and minimise the financial risks to roasters.

Risk management assistance is provided through offering clear information on pricing, differentials, the market and foreign exchange. The high level of transparency in futures prices provides information about market conditions and expectations of supply and demand, which our team can translate in order to help roasters make informed purchasing decisions. We also offer warehousing and credit terms, which allows our customer to manage their cash flows.