Condesa is committed to affecting real and tangible change in the coffee industry through its championing of sustainable practices and certification programs. The ECOM coffee group has lead the market over the past 20 years in its sustainability initiatives at a farm level by providing pre-crop finance, technical assistance in the areas of agronomy and quality control in post-harvest processing through to assistance in marketing and connecting coffee from the farm gate to the roaster.

We have engaged with several certification partners in this process, including Fairtrade, Organic, UTZ Certified, Rainforest Alliance and 4C. We also stock coffee from ECOMs internal Sustainable Management Services (SMS) program.

ABOUT THE Sustainable Management Services (SMS)

ECOM created the Sustainable Management Services (SMS) division to align with its core strategy of sustainable and efficient use of natural resources.

A field network of more than 1,100 agronomists and staff provides various services to farmers to increase their profitability, while ensuring better quality and traceability for buyers in each of ECOM’s supply chains.

A decade ago, SMS focused on certification and agronomic services and has now evolved into a full-scale goods and services provider to farmers, responding to needs ranging from seed supply to financing services.

We are at the forefront of sustainability and leverage our experience and diversity to foster responsible sourcing and farmers’ empowerment. Our primary goal is to empower farmers by transforming their activities into viable businesses that create shared value for ECOM suppliers and clients by delivering transparency and accountability.

23 countries covered
300+ projects worldwide
1,100+ agronomists and field staff